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Actom has extensive experience in designing and supplying HVAC systems for the aluminium industry. We can provide HVAC solutions for Control Rooms, LV & HV Switch Rooms, Blower Rooms, Sub-stations for Anode Rodding, Reduction Services, Pot Lining Pit and Maintenance Facilities.

We have experience in designing filtered and pre-cooled supply air distribution systems to specific zones whilst maintenance of crane/ gantries etc. is in progress. During the pot lining process when the paste ramming involves the injection of pressurised coal pitch paste into the joints between the cathode blocks, an extensive high pressure extraction system is required to remove and exhaust the resultant fumes into vertical stacks.

We have also built-up filter houses positioned on the top of Blower Rooms to supply fresh air via ducting above overhead crane beams into the Blower Rooms.

Customer reference list:

  • Hulett’s Aluminium
  • Mozal
  • Alusaf
Actom has the experience in the installation of industrial HVAC systems in the Turbine Halls, Control Rooms, MCC Rooms and Switch Rooms of coal fired base load power stations and pump stations.

Actom also has extensive experience of working in the Nuclear industry and has carried out several projects for the Koeberg Nuclear power station which uses two Framatome Pressurised Water Reactors.

We have developed special air intakes made out of high quality stainless steel using drop eliminator technology for the second containment buildings.

Customer reference list:

  • Eskom - Koeberg
  • Eskom - Palmiet
  • Eskom - Matimba
  • Eskom - Firlands